Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

General instructions

Following are some compact details for the visitors if they are conscious of their privacy.

  • We don’t sell, share or exploit anything that is shared by the customers
  • We are not responsible for amending our policies or changing our content
  • All the advertisements are sponsored by the third party, and the company is not responsible for dealing with the third party and their use of customer’s information

What do we save?

  • We only save the information that is provided during the sign-up
  • We only deal with the name, email or contact number of the customers
  • The company is not concerned with the ‘other’ or ‘personal’ transactions of the customers
  • We have a Non-PII IP address which does not collect any demographic information.

Cookies policy

Our website makes use of cookies just to keep a record of how many people have visited the website. The purpose of the cookies is to impose the quality of services that we are providing.

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