When it comes to prices, there is a taboo associated with high pricing. People are more attracted to cheap things and cheap facilities, but we believe in royalty. We think one has to pay a bit more to gain something that is up to the mark. Our prices are a bit high because we believe in quality, and we know that experts are never ready to do something for free.

However, if you want to avail some discounts or lesser prices, the following aspects should be kept in view.

Following are some of the factors that can affect pricing

  • Try to place an order with a day or two deadlines; it will require less money.
  • The number of pages should be accurate or exact, as more pages will need more money.
  • The academic level should be clearly mentioned.

There are some major attributes of our service which should be kept in view.

  • Confidentiality
  • No upselling
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Privacy of communication
  • Latest information
  • Individual profiles

You might be thinking, what is the purpose of all these approaches? Well, we understand how it feels to be a student and to trust a third party for some work that has the power to decide the future. It is one of the reasons that we inform everything beforehand and charge slightly more than others. We don't want our clients to suffer at the hand of mismanagement or offshore services.

Although we charge more, we take complete responsibility for everything that we do or intend to do. We are completely responsible for the grades, confidentiality and privacy of our clients. To address the issue of budget, we offer some seasonal discounts and free pages, and sometimes we lessen the amount of goodwill for our repeated customers.


Price Per Page
High School
50% off
50% off
50% off
50% off
8+ Days $17.98   $8.99 $21.98   $10.99 $35.98   $17.99 $49.98   $24.99
6-7 Days $26.00   $13.00 $30.00   $15.00 $40.00   $20.00 $56.00   $28.00
4-5 Days $28.00   $14.00 $34.00   $17.00 $44.00   $22.00 $60.00   $30.00
3 Days $30.00   $15.00 $38.00   $19.00 $48.00   $24.00 $64.00   $32.00
2 Days $34.00   $17.00 $40.00   $20.00 $52.00   $26.00 $68.00   $34.00
24 Hours $40.00   $20.00 $46.00   $23.00 $58.00   $29.00 $80.00   $40.00
12 Hours $46.00   $23.00 $54.00   $27.00 $68.00   $34.00 $92.00   $46.00

You might be thinking what makes the difference here at TopEssayWriters.Net, well, it is the quality which is the central game. There are thousands of students who need such sorts of assistance but it is of considerable importance that quality cannot be accomplished without working on the product and it always depends on the stance of the workers. We have highly qualified scholars and they are always looking for the best pay rate.

So in a nutshell, the high prices are all about the investment of the interest and the knowledge that or writers make. However, to assist out in the best possible way, we have always the discounts that are not just seasonal but you an avail some discounts based on your first orders and using the coupon that we offer to our loyal customers

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