Evaluative Essay: Examples, Format & Characteristics


An evaluation Essay is one of the types of commonly studied essays or the categories that the teacher asks students to write upon so that a common understanding of the concept can be developed or certain abilities of the students can be assessed. Generally, an evaluation essay is both a type of essay as well as a significant mind exercise that can help students understand their power of reasoning or their ability to overcome issues in critical thinking. This blog is all about the attributes, characteristics, and approaches that should be used to write an evaluative essay because it is one of the most commonly assigned essay types.


As the name indicates, an evaluation essay is all about the student’s ability to evaluate, discuss or talk about a topic and then reach a conclusion that can make sense to the readers to help a student establish his personal view about something that is commonly talked about or questioned. Simply said evaluation essay asks a student to dig deep into the facts and figures to find if they are true or if they need some thorough insight for a well-organized approach. If you are still confused about what is an evaluation essay, all that is important to say is it is an essay about the critical thinking abilities of the students.

How to write an evaluation essay

If you want to know how to write an evaluation essay, it is crucial to know what is the basic mindset that should be adopted for writing this type of essay. If you are concerned about how to write an evaluation essay, an individual has to define the topic that should be developed in the light of the given facts and figures and then argue about the identified conclusion that can give a future aspect of writing your own evaluation. In general, it is all about the introduction, the assumption, or the definition, which then helps to design the body in the form of a thesis or the anti-thesis. Then it is developed on the given facts, the examples, or the diagrams, which are then evaluated. Thus, an evaluation essay is all about the ability of a student to evaluate.

Format of an evaluation essay

You must be thinking if an evaluation essay is all about the critical abilities of an individual then how it should be formatted. Well, the formatting is alike the other essays. Following are the important headings; however, it is to be noted that the evaluation essay outline is more important when compared to the final product because if the outline will be fine, excellence can be expected in the final product.

  • Introduction
  • The first aspect of the evaluation essay is to talk about the background of the topic. It can be all about the brief history or the general definition of the concept that is to be studied. However, it is crucial to note that the content should be evaluated in the light of authentic resources. The introduction should be between 120 to 150 words, where a student will explain all about the topic.

  • Thesis statement
  • In general, the introduction section should end with a thesis statement. It is a crucial yet important statement that can help students to come up with a one-line summary of the topic or a one-line conclusion or evaluation. If you will follow the outline format, then you will have your thesis statement already designed that can assist you in the full-length essay.

  • Discussion
  • Then comes the discussion section. Here, a student is supposed to talk about the already developed views or the facts and points that are already demonstrated by the research. This section is also important because it can help to overcome the underlying issues that might appear in believing the undocumented approach. Thus, a student has to write everything that is already said and talked about, relevant to the topic, and how it is having an influence in the present time.

    It is crucial not to restrict oneself to any of the sides; rather, one has to mention both the thesis and the anti-thesis. The significance of mentioning the two aspects is deeply connected with the underlying approach to come up with an evaluation that can help to develop a stance or a result of the research that is already conducted by reviewing different literature and journal articles.

  • Evaluation section
  • It is the most significant and crucial part of the evaluation essay. Here, it is crucial for a student to write what he has learned so far and how far he has come in understanding the point. It is also important to come up with a response that an individual think is well-suited because it is the only way one can defend the choice of the aspect or the reason that is to be evaluated over time.

  • Conclusion
  • In the end, one has to come up with a few sentence-based summaries that can help to know everything that is already stated in the upper paragraphs. The conclusion is also important because it not only gives the winding up thoughts but it helps the assessors know where students have gone wrong and what they found to be the most important, and the significant aspects to talk about.

Topics of evaluation essay

There are some commonly discussed topics for evaluation essay that can help students to come up with a topic if they have not selected any before. These evaluation essay ideas are not only trendy, but they are modern enough to help students get excellent grades even if the assessors or the professors are very strict or they don’t believe in generous marks.

Following are some important evaluation essay topics

  • Do you think marijuana should be legalized in the USA?
  • How criminology as a subject empowers a criminal mindset in students?
  • How has digitalization brought man close to the destruction of the mental piece?
  • How social media is weakening familial bonds?
  • How is the digital world posing some serious threats to the world in the form of online scams?
  • Do you think sad music encourages depression?
  • How the world is close to a negative approach toward humanity through open criticism?
  • Is co-education a necessity to develop some leadership abilities?
  • How is sexism dominant in the workplace?
  • Is it possible for the world to overcome stereotypes and cultural barriers in the nearest centuries?
  • Do you think the games are making children more intense and more emotional?
  • How has the general approach to social media exploited students?

In addition, a student can take help from some already written examples that can help to gain academic success. Thus, one has to go through all the specifics that are already communicated for other different types of essays. You can either find an evaluation essay example online, or you can get one done from the experts that we have hired to assist people with their academic tasks.

characteristics of evaluation essay

There are some specific and compact characteristics that one has to follow in order to write an evaluation essay that is scoring as well as productive enough to make up the mark.

  • Develop thesis statement
  • The first aspect of writing an evaluation essay is to develop a thesis statement. It is crucial to help a student develop a one-sentence response to the essay question. The thesis statement should be specific, related to the topic, and should be developed in light of the given arguments.

  • Develop different paragraphs
  • It is crucial to develop different paragraphs in an evaluation essay. In general, an essay has three paragraphs, an introduction, discussion paragraphs, and then the conclusion paragraphs.

  • Use expert examples
  • An evaluation essay is all about the examples that are utilized to convey the subject matter. It is crucial to take help from the journal articles and the common examples that can be related to by a layman.

  • Always cite the work that is taken from other sources
  • It is also important to use an authentic source of information because if you will not cite the work, then there might be plagiarism, and one might find it hard to pass the paper.

  • Come up with your personal opinion.
  • An evaluation essay is all about the personal opinion that is developed or designed. In an evaluation essay, there should be a separate heading for the evaluation section, in which the writer has to come up with his own assessment of whatever is studied.

  • Go for grammar checking.
  • It is important to go for grammar checking. It is crucial to have a paper that is free of all errors because if there are any grammatical errors, you might find it hard to come up with the required details. There are different techniques for coming up with an error-free essay, such as getting it checked through grammar-checking software or to use a read-aloud technique that can assist in addressing the issues in the paper.


    In a nutshell, an evaluation essay is all about the ability of an individual to evaluate something and develop his point of view. An evaluation essay can help students overcome all the barriers in exegetical thinking and come up with some profound narrations that are not only up to the mark but it can serve as the epitome of success.

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