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A simple guide to "narrative essay" – Everything you should know.

  • 04 June 2018

Essay writing is one of the most challenging tasks, it is why educationists emphasize writing essays so that the credibility of the student can be assessed. Simultaneously, the majority of the students fail in essay writing because either they don't have enough knowledge or they are not aware of the writing strategies that can be used to write an efficient and secure narrative essay. Although there are different educational standards to be adhered to while writing, quality is required at each level and there is a need to follow the basic guide to secure good marks, this blog is designed solely to help a student solve all the myths related to a scoring narrative essay

What is a narrative essay?

An essay is defined as something that is written down and can convey a complete meaning. A narrative essay is more like a narration that has an academic nature, and it is about a specific topic. In this type of essay, a writer has to paint a picture with words A narrative essay is a major part of academic writing that has no first personal pronouns or any arguments, rather it is a simple narration that tends to entertain inform or educate people about the object that is discussed. The core competencies of the essay deal with the ability of the writer to quote everything about the subject without showing any biased approach. The essay is a detailed insight into prevalent facts and figures, that is important to understand the subject completely.

Narrative Essay

Difference between narrative and informative essay

The two types of essays, i.e., narrative and informative tend to inform people but an informative essay is all about the research that is done. In contrast, a narrative essay is everything true, that is discussed or found about the subject For a narrative essay, a writer should focus on the details that are verified and are retrieved from reality only. There is no space for research or artistic representations However, a narrative essay is unbiased and has a detailed description of the individual or the subject, requiring everything to be accurate and true.

What are the basic steps to writing a narrative essay?

Alike other essays, a narrative essay is written in the same manner, following the five-paragraph anthology. However, an essay is divided into different parts, each representing one significant approach. The writing process utilized by narrative essay can be divided into some major steps

Narrative essay icon 1
Choosing the topic

It is the first question that comes into the mind of a writer, whenever there is a task to do. A narrative essay gives people the option to relax and wait for an already decided topic because usually topics are already defined. If not, one should choose a topic that is of interest. It can be an individual or a personality who has done something remarkable in life. in other cases, it can be a major historical event. The selected topic should be checked by the professor and then there the language should be very easy and understandable .

Narrative essay icon 2
Reflecting on idea

The thinking process is central to writing an essay, and it becomes quite intense when you are required to write a narrative essay. After getting the topic, you need to think about the ways the topic can be assessed. Firstly, you should make the right draft of all the points that you find relevant. It will make the thought process easier and clearer. The information should be taken from the internet or credible sources. You should always countercheck the information so that there are fewer chances of errors.

Narrative essay icon 3
Outline of the narrative essay

An outline is central to better and effective writing. It is crucial to outline all the facts and ideas that you have identified prior because it can give a structure or a logical sequence to the narrative essay. Usually, outlines are concise and short to meet the requirements of the paper and get the required information. Outlines are the sources of information for the topic. It is important to cross-check the sources so that there are fewer chances of inaccurate information. However, a major section of the essay should be discussed in three different headings, introduction, discussion, and conclusion, and the same headings should be used in the outline. .

Formatting of narrative essay

It is one of the most commonly asked questions that how a perfect narrative essay looks like, because formatting is the first impression in writing. When you have successfully completed the pre-writing steps i.e., the ideas, and an accurate outline you can start with the writing process. The simplest and the basic approach to the formatting of a narrative essay is given below:

 Narrative Essay Checklist

A detailed approach to an essay should be adopted by following the outline.


The basic and the first step in writing an essay is the introduction. A narrative essay is written to give an overview of the subject that is to be analyzed.Some major elements of the introduction should be kept in view. These elements are

A hook

It is also considered as the opening line of the essay that can help to gain the attention of the reader. This chunk of information should be attractive and appealing enough to engage the readers. The hook can either be a quotation, a fact, or a question of why should be used as per the need. .


It is all about the background information of the topic. If you are writing about a personality, the background will be all about the family background of the individual or the area the personality belonged to.

Thesis statement

It is the most central part of the essay. An essay is all about the thesis statement which shows what is a writer is going to do in the essay. It is not only the source of information but also depicts what a reader will find in the essay.

Body Paragraphs:

The body paragraphs will comprise detail and information about the subject and topic. The division of the body paragraphs will be made based on the thesis statement and the content discussed in the thesis statement. In most cases, the body paragraphs are all about the sections that are discussed in the thesis statement, each making one paragraph. In addition, there will be required information i.e., the facts, figures, or the information that is related to the topic or the person. Collectively, the body of the narrative essay will discuss all the narration that you have sorted through research. However, it is crucial to make sure that the information is correct, sources are credible and the writing style is readable and understandable.

Proofreading and Reviewing

After working on the essay, when you have a complete review, there is a need to review your task. Any narration with errors or mistakes is deemed to be inappropriate. You can review or edit your work by using some grammar-checking tools or having someone read your work. It is one of the most authentic ways of having proofed work that can in return help you earn good grades. For information, it is crucial to understand that any task with grammatical errors can have a negative impact on the readers and it might lead to failure.


It is the final section of the narrative essay. In this section, you will conclude or combine whatever you have discussed in the earlier sections. The conclusion is as crucial as that of the introduction, but it closes the narration.

An example of an informative essay

This example is one of the most significant insights into how a narrative essay should look

 Narrative Essay example 1
 Narrative Essay example 2
 Narrative Essay example 3
 Narrative Essay example 4

Topics of narrative essay

If you are given the task of choosing the topic yourself, the following list can help you choose one of the best topics that can not only enhance your writing experience but it can also help you secure better grades.

  • My favorite chore to do
  • My favorite childhood memory
  • The life of Abraham Lincoln
  • Some major events that shaped my life
  • My travel experiences
  • My favorite read till now
  • How my life turned out to be a nightmare in a single night
  • How I lost interest in my life
  • My favorite childhood stories
  • How I spend my day on vacations
  • How I developed interest in my boring life
  • What are my ever-favorite activities?

All these ideas and the guide can change your approach towards writing by facilitating you at each step. If you still face some issues, we have other options. Our professional writers at myidealwords can write the required essay for you, no matter what is the topic or category your professor has assigned you. We are experts at every academic task, and we will never disappoint you. You can have your task k done by placing the order right away!